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     Our overall experience was fantastic. The technician was friendly and efficient, suggesting the best treatments for our floors. The service was quick, and we loved the results!
Kyle Smiley20/07/2024
     The staff appeared on time, were very polite and conducted themselves professionally. They did the job well and cleaned up afterward.
Ana F10/07/2024
     I was thoroughly impressed by the cleaner's level of professionalism and dedication to her work. An exemplary service that went above and beyond my expectations. She effortlessly cleaned two rugs, a carpet, sofa, chair and footstool until they were sparkling clean and had a refreshing scent.
     I booked a carpet cleaning service on Thursday and it was finished by Friday evening. The communication was exemplary and the job they did was remarkable. I would most certainly use their services again.
Martin Nolan21/06/2023
     My house cleaning issues are a thing of the past thanks to GrahameParkCarpetCleaners. I used them once for a rather large job, they impressed massively, and I haven't looked back since.
Jeff M19/05/2020
     When it comes to cleaning companies, this service is the one I hear people mention the most. Thousands of satisfied customers can't be wrong!
Roland Robinette20/09/2019
     The best home cleaning services, beautiful people and a very helpful team. Thank you!
     There's always great communication with Grahame Park Carpet Cleaner. The team as a whole are friendly and responsive. They do their utmost to ensure the customer is left happy. I've used them a few times now and always am. Their level of service is top-notch. It's a cleaning service I'll be using again.
Alice N.09/10/2018
     Outstanding quality of home cleaning from Carpet Cleaning Services Grahame Park, plus the customer service is fantastic. Top marks all round.
Devon Todd30/03/2018
     Thank you for the excellent carpet cleaning service, Grahame Park Carpet Cleaner! I can't wait to tell my friends about your cleaning services.
Wendy I.28/06/2017
     There was a big stain on my carpet resulting from a broken wine glass, so I had to get it out somehow. It took a single carpet cleaning visit from Grahame Park Carpet Cleaning Company to get rid of it, so I am glad they helped out.
Jeremy T.28/09/2016
     I have three dogs and sometimes the combination of dog hair and house dust makes me sneeze all day! When I get GrahameParkCarpetCleaners to come in and clean for me, I know I won't be sneezing for a while. They use great products that are green and special equipment that sucks even invisible dust particles away! I don't hesitate to recommend their services.
Tracie Buckman 14/07/2015
     I've tried a number of the area's supposedly ‘better' cleaners, but I don't think I've discovered anything as of yet which has come close to GrahameParkCarpetCleaners. Whether you're after expertise or speed (and I would argue that these often go hand in hand), you'll not find someone better qualified. Honestly, I've seen their work first hand and am happy to report just how effective they can be in real life. Will be passing on their details to friends and family, for sure.
Connie C.07/01/2015
     When we moved into our first home, my girlfriend and I had to accept a lot of hand me downs, freebies etc to get us started. Although we are very grateful for all the help we have received and it's helped us to set up our very first home on a budget we couldn't help but feel slightly sad that we didn't have the funds to furnish it the way we would have wanted. Anyway we hired this company called GrahameParkCarpetCleaners and they spruced up our second-hand carpets, rugs and sofa and I must admit they have come up a treat; they look almost new now and nothing like they way looked originally, thanks so much.